Kidnapped by buddies to an open-mic night, Greg performed publicly for the first time in 1978, singing his only tune, “Song for Sailors,” written just before leaving a Benedictine Monastery in 1977.

The song was well received, but stayed underground with many other new songs until 1996, when his sister, Jean, organized the family to give Greg two hours in a recording studio for his fortieth birthday. A tape of that session was aired almost immediately. Encouraged, he went on to produce his first CD, To Soul.

Three months after the release of To Soul, Greg’s larynx was split during a “touch” football game. There’s a two inch scar under his Adam’s apple where the surgeon opened his throat, drilled six holes in his larynx, and wired it back together.

Greg’s voice was altered, but not drastically, and in 2002 he created, One Soul, a more highly produced CD. Greg’s music has been compared to that of Richie Havens, Steve Forbert and Cat Stevens. Greg has opened for internationally recognized author, Dr. Joan Borysenko, and folk legend, Jack Williams and performed multiple times for IANDS.

Greg Pacini, MS: LifeCoach Musician

After two books* and 43 years as a psychotherapist, Greg now blends that experience with his music as a life-coach musician. Themes of Greg’s songs, most of which are over 40 years old, parallel ideals of full living.

Greg had an NDE at birth, and feels the echoes of that event mostly in his music.

Three of Greg’s albums have gotten airplay. The songs came as comfort to him and Greg hopes, in listening, you find comfort, too.




One Soul - Contemporary Folk/Smooth Jazz

  • So Much
  • And I Stand Still
  • One Soul

To Soul - Contemporary Folk

  • To Soul
  • Until You Are
  • Watch on You Tubewatch on youtube

Over the Rainbow - Smooth Jazz

  • Over the Rainbow
  • Part of the proceeds from the sale of this song benefit the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

Christmas 'Round the Bend - Contemporary Folk

  • Christmas 'Round the Bend
  • Watch on You Tubewatch on youtube



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